Ayurvedic Pharma Companies in Mumbai

Dr. Palep’s Medical Research Foundation Pvt. Ltd.(DPMRF)

Dr.Hanmanthrao S.Palep, an eminent consultant obstetrician and gynecologist, then an Hon. Professor at the prestigious Grant Medical College, Mumbai realized the inadequacy of current main stream modern medicines in treating quite a few of his patients.

A peep in to Ayurveda led him to a great discovery of its tremendous potential in solving many of therapeutic dilemmas faced by him in his day to day medical practice. This led to the beginning of his serious research effort from early seventies in Ayurveda culminated into a foundation. The Medical Research Foundation was duly established in September of 1997 with two of the products. Currently, this foundation has matured into one of the important research based Ayurvedic drug manufacturing company with its presence in many states across India.