Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicines

July 20, 2015

The medicinal science of Ayurveda is a timeless Indian heritage and offers tremendous experiential wisdom. Being the oldest system of healing, Ayurveda is conceptually very advanced. It expresses the primary cause of disease as “pragnya aparadh”, which means “failure of intelligence”. Today, all streams of medicine would acknowledge that this can be interpreted as a failure of “cellular intelligence”.

Ayurvedic Medicine Offers Holistic Healing:
Today, the Western world has begun to embrace the concept of holistic medicine and treating an individual as a “whole” – taking into account mind, body and spirit. The ancient Indian science of Ayurveda has done this for over 3,000 years. The embracing of “Poornam” (wholeness or fullness) is the unique countenance of Ayurveda. This ancient healing system offers a holistic approach to human health. Each part of the body or bodily system is looked at as part of the whole body, mind and spirit, and each person is considered as part of the whole universe. Treatment aims at balancing all parts of the whole.

Ayurveda Looks at the Root Cause of Imbalances:
Ayurvedic doctors or practitioners look at imbalances in the three systems, or “doshas” as the underlying cause of illness -- the nervous system (Vata), arterial system (Kapha) and venous system (Pitta). They ascertain what has gone wrong with which system and attempt to bring them into balance with each other.

Ayurveda is Coupled with Beneficial Lifestyle Changes:
Most Ayurvedic doctors or practitioners recommend lifestyle changes along with Ayurvedic medicines. Efficacy of treatment also sometimes depends on implementing the same. Lifestyle changes may include walking, some specific yoga postures, exercises or breathing techniques, eating specific foods and in a manner that would aid recovery from some specific ailment, avoiding certain foods that are believed to aggravate symptoms, etc. These lifestyle changes help improve health and well-being.

Ayurveda Emphasises Mental Well-Being and Alleviation of Stress:
Ayurveda has known since time immemorial, what modern systems of healing have realised only a few short years ago. The mind and mental state is often the root cause of most diseases. Treatments aim to balance the mind, alleviate stress and elevate mood. It focuses on getting the mind and spirit centred. This is often done through breathing techniques, as well as herbal Ayurvedic medicine where needed.

Ayurveda Works Towards Cleansing of the Body:
Stress and harmful lifestyle choices cause a lot of disturbances in the body. Ayurveda aims to cleanse the body of built-up impurities that contribute to sluggish bodily processes and symptoms of illness. This may involve massage with therapeutic oils, breathing techniques, eating certain foods, etc.

Ayurveda Focuses on Prevention and Lasting Health:
Ayurveda focuses on treatments that attempt to prevent the recurrence of disease as well as prevention for relatively healthy people. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the many proud heritages of India, and the benefits of Ayurvedic medicines go far beyond what is covered here. There are quite a number of Ayurvedic pharma companies in Mumbai and all over the country, and also many Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in India. What is important while buying Ayurvedic medicine or approaching an Ayurvedic doctor is to ensure that the practitioner or company is well-reputed. Any herbal medicines taken should be a result of proper R&D and their effects should be clinically documented under GCP guidelines or other relevant administrative bodies.