Bronchodilator Syrup – Natural Way to Treat Respiratory Problems

July 19, 2016

Breathing is a vital aspect in order to survive. Some even take it as an involuntary reflex action. However, you will find, for some it is quite an accomplishment, especially for the ones who suffer from respiratory disorders. Some people find it difficult to breathe mainly due to various respiratory disorders or health conditions. If you have breathing problem, you are advised to seek medical help immediately. No matter whether you are a smoker or just suffering from respiratory problems, you can rely on the ayurvedic medicine for smokers cough. The ayurvedic medicine is not only suitable for smokers, but also for the people who have dry cough, pneumonitis, and bronchitis and so on.

What Is A Respiratory Disorder?
As the name suggests, respiratory disorder is basically a condition that affects the tissues and the organs that make gas exchange possible. You should know it ranges to mild to acute such as the common cold, cough, to bacterial pneumonia, bronchitis, and even lung cancer. These diseases mostly affect the air passages, the lungs, the nasal passages and the bronchi.

Role of Respiratory System
You might have learned about how important the role of the respiratory system is. Well, let us take you back to your school, it helps in taking in the fresh air and driving out the waste gasses. Well, in simple words, the system helps in taking in the oxygen needed for survival and giving out carbon dioxide. Inhaling of waste gasses can lead to major health problems. The respiratory system is strong enough to withstand the problems, which are majorly faced in the form of smoke and other harmful pollutants. The growing pollution is the major reason for people suffering from respiratory problems.

You are highly advised to get a minor or a mild cough or any breathing problem checked. It is vital that you take care of your lungs to avoid any problem in the future.

Some Of The Common Respiratory Disorders Include:
Before you start looking for ayurvedic medicine for smokers cough and other respiratory problems, there are things you need to be familiar with.

  • Asthma – It becomes difficult to breathe if you have regular constriction of the bronchi
  • Chronic Bronchitis – In this, the air passages tend to be clogged with the mucus. This further leads to a cough.
  • Pneumonia – This type is caused due to bacteria and virus and is an alveoli infection.
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – In this, a person tends to develop the major three problems associated with lungs such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema.

Signs of Respiratory Disorder
Well, the signs associated with respiratory problems are somewhat the same as lung problems. The list of symptoms mainly includes:

  • Hyperpnea meaning deep breathing
  • Dyspnea meaning difficulty in breathing
  • Hypopnea meaning shallow breathing
  • Tachypnea meaning rapid breathing
  • Apnea meaning absence of breathing

Some of the common symptoms associated with respiratory disorder consist of COPD and asthma. In severe cases, heart conditions can also lead to various symptoms associated with respiratory conditions.

Symptoms of Respiratory Disorder
It is of paramount importance to know the symptoms associated with the respiratory disorder tend to vary depending on the disease or the condition. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing up yellow or green mucus
  • Loose wet cough
  • Severe cough
  • Chest pain
  • Anxiety
  • Fever and chills
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sweating
  • A sore throat and more

Well, these are some common symptoms, some of the severe symptoms associated with the respiratory disorder include rapid heart rate, difficulty in breathing, high fever and so on.

Causes of Respiratory Problems
Well, there are innumerable causes of respiratory problems. Two of the major and common causes include regular smoking and growing pollution. Apart from this, other causes include acute bronchitis, asthma, allergy, lung cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), tuberculosis, cold and flu and so on. Furthermore, bacteria also lead to respiratory complications. Serious bacterial infection includes a whooping cough and pneumonia.

Who Are Prone To Respiratory Disorder?
You cannot say who can suffer from respiratory problems as it can catch anyone. However, some people are prone and at high risk:

  • Pregnant women
  • Children younger than 5 years old
  • People who have diabetes, kidney disease or heart disease
  • People who have a weak immune system
  • People who smoke on a regular smoker

Medicine and Treatment Available for Respiratory Disorder
Common cold and flu easily are treated even without treatment. You should know the treatment for the respiratory disorder completely depends on upon the type of infection you have. A healthcare professional needs to first know the major cause of the infection, understand the symptoms and so on. A chest x-ray is needed to be conducted as it helps in knowing how severe the infection is. Apart from this, laboratory tests are also conducted to help find out the bacteria that are causing the infection. A urine test is also conducted as it helps in identifying the specific bacteria that is causing the infection.

Ayurvedic Medicine to Treat Respiratory Disorder
Some people do not like to take medicines. If you are, too one among them, then bronchodilator syrup is best suitable for you. Bronchodilator syrup and tablets are great bronchodilators. It does the work of liquefying the mucus. Made using natural ingredients such as Pushkar Mool, Pudina Satva, Banafsha, Vibhitaki, Tulsi, Yashtimadhu, Bharangi, Talisa Patra and more it ensures to offer relief from respiratory problems. As all the ingredients used for bronchodilator syrup is natural, you know it does not have any side effects. It offers a number of benefits as it helps in liquefying the mucus, enhances the ciliary action and so on. Available in the form of syrup and capsules, they need to be taken only as per the physician’s advice. It helps in reducing the discomfort caused due to respiratory problems. Furthermore, the syrup can also be given to children who are suffering from recurrent respiratory tract infections. The syrup or tablets are effective if you have a dry cough, smokers cough, bronchitis, bronchitis asthma, and bronchitis pneumonia.

Natural Way to Treat Respiratory Problems
Your kitchen or nature is the key when it comes to getting the right medications for any ailment. Mentioned are some home remedies you can consider:

  • You are advised to consume garlic mixed with warm water and salt twice daily. It offers great benefits as it not only helps in alleviating the symptoms, but also helps in clearing the respiratory passages.
  • With the growing pollution problem, you are advised to breathe fresh air by taking an early morning walk or spending some time in the garden.
  • If you are suffering from common cold, you can consider adding turmeric powder to your milk. It helps in soothing the respiratory tract.

Well, these are some natural home remedies you can try when looking for ways to treat or relief from respiratory problems. There is no delaying, take a visit to a medical store and buy the ayurvedic medicine, bronchodilator syrup upon physician’s advice at once!