Respected Padmashri, Maharastra bhushan Dr.Vijay Bhatkar, Dr. Arun Jamkar, Hon. Vice Chancellor, MUHS, Dr. H.V.Sardesai, a very eminent Cardiologist and a house hold name in city of Pune or Punya nagri and Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan, an internationally known scientist, who created several land mark achievements in Ayurvedic research I welcome you all and thank you for making us proud with your association with this event Tadvidya Sambhasha Ayurveda IX. I welcome eminent medical scientists, revered vaidyas and medical practitioners and students who have joined us here today and thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I especially need to thank Dr. Arvind Kulkarni and revered Vaidya Sadanand Sardeshmukh for inspiring me and helping me to shift this platform of gnyan yagna Tadvidya Sambhasha to Pune. The untiring efforts of these two gentlemen and their associates resulted in to this successful organization of a day long seminar. They deserve a great applause. Give them a big hand.

Journey of Tadvidya sambhasha, a dialogue between vaidyas to enhance their knowledge and skills started with Charak Samhita. By the grace of God I got a unique opportunity to learn and teach Ayurveda and Modern medicine. As I taught in two different disciplines I came to learn that Ayurveda is not just an empirical system but a very advanced concept, which can loan and enrich concepts and precepts’ in current modern sciences and especially modern medicine. Then I felt the need to embark on the idea of translating and documenting these advanced concepts of Ayurveda in to modern scientific language, which resulted in to a book titled “Scientific Foundation of Ayurveda”. It was Published and released in September of 2005 during the first Tadvidya Sambhasha Ayurveda. Objective is to bring out contemporary relevance to highly compressed impregnated wisdom in sutras from the Shastras and demonstrate the power of Samhitas to define & better the hypothesis to enable advancing of the contemporary sciences. With this objective this seminar is conducted annually with different contemporary subjects of scientific advances in correlation to Ayurvedic concepts.

Current advances in gut microbiome research and Koshta concept have much to share. There is now correlation established between cardiovascular pathology to dysbiosis of gut microbiome. Thus we have selected this subject as theme for Tadvidya IX. Very eminent scholars are participating in this seminar. I am sure this seminar will be a productive exercise.

I must acknowledge the great support I received through these nine years from eminent personalities to name only few them Padmabhushan Dr.R.D.Lele, Dr.Ashok Vaidya, Late Pandit Shriram Sharma, Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan, Dr.Doiphode and Abhay Chowdhury and many more. Thanks.