Manufactures & Markets Extract Based Ayurvedic Formulations
Research & Development

Back bone of Dr.Palep’s Medical Research Foundation is R & D. It has been the key to the growth of our organization.

Science of Ayurveda is a timeless heritage experiential wisdom. Conceptually it is very advanced. It describes the first cause of disease is failure of intelligence (pragnya aparadh), which can now be expanded to failure of cellular intelligence. Its approach is holistic in contrast to reductionist current science. Therefore it is not always easy to validate it through the paradigms of modern medicine.

Our approach is based on our firm belief in trueness of the ancient wisdom. Therefore our objective to first conceptualize and formulate the medicines of Ayurvedic herbal medicines and then test, confirm and document them clinically under GCP guide lines. Many of our clinical studies are published in reputed journals.

The herbs described in Ayurveda needed proper interpretation of their mechanism of actions. Inula racemosa is described as parshwa shoolaghna. Literally translated it means reliever of chest pain. But the real indication of this herb is now verified after research is its role in myocardial infarction. Literature search and study are part of our R&D.

Laboratory research is conducted in house at our state of art GLP standard Ambarnath R&D Facility and also conducted in collaboration with a number of reputed institutions, viz. Cell Biology divison, BARC; C.U.Shah College of Pharmacy, U.I.C.T and K.M. Kundnani College of pharmacy. Numbers of our research works have been published in the forms of thesis.