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Ayurvidya and Ayurveda Infections10th October 2015Nehru Science Centre4 PM to 7 PM

Tadvidya Sambhasha is a scientific debate or a seminar intended for updating medical knowledge, sharpening skill and acquiring expertise for the Vaidyas, Modern Doctors and Students.

It has its origin in Charak Samhita and is governed by fifty rules. The tradition has been revived by Dr. Palep’s Medical Education and Research Trust in 2005.

We are proud to inform that this year it was the 10th consecutive year that Dr. Palep’s Medical Education and Research Trust has organised the TADVIDYA SAMBHASHA seminar.

This years Sambhasha had two themes with a dedicated session for each of the theme.

1. Ayurveda or Ayurvidya
Term Ayurvidya was coined by one of our legendary Indian scholar, patriot and freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak. His idea was that the modern medicine at that time appeared to give better results in conditions, e.g., malarial fever with discovery of quinine. He was of the opinion that supplementation of modern developments in sciences to Ayurveda would be ideal. In short he was a pioneer in advocating integrative approach to the practice of medicine in this country with the vast knowledge of Ayurveda which was ancient but the concepts were for more advanced than the current medical advances.

2. Infections
Today’s serious challenge is the growing resistance to Infection. This seminar dealt on short comings in current modern treatment approach and the emerging role of Ayurveda.

To begin with the seminar was started by the personal video message in Sanskrit language sent by renowned scholar in Ayurveda and Sanskrit language, “PADMA SHRI” PROF. (DR.) OM PRAKASHJI UPADHYAYA, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Punjab Ayurvedic University.

After the Invocation of Goddess Saraswati & Lord Dhanwantari the Guests were invited on the Dias & Floral honour were carried out.

The seminar was inaugurated by a renowned scholar in the field of Medicine, “Padma Bhushan Dr. R.D.Lele” followed by lighting the lamp of knowledge by the guests on dais.

Book named “Brief Introduction to Ayurvidya” authored by Dr. H S Palep was released on this day which has an overview of Ayurveda.

Many eminent clinicians, scholars provided intellectual feast to more than 180 registered delegates who attended the programme and made it a great success.

The first session on Ayurveda or Ayurvidya was chaired by Dr. R K Anand and honoured by participation of eminent speakers like:
a. Dr. H.S. Palep
b. Vaidya Ramesh Nanal
c. Vaidya Supriya Bhalerao
d. Vaidya Nitin Kamat

The second session on Infections was chaired by Dr. R. D Lele and honoured by participation of eminent speakers like:
a. Vaidya Narendra Bhat
b. Dr. Jayshree Joshi
c. Dr. Swati Patil

The vote of thanks was offered by Dr.Ashutosh Palep and the programme was followed by dinner.