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Conducted by Dr.Palep’s Medical Education and Research Trust.

Tadvidya Sambhasha is a scientific debate or a workshop or a seminar intended for updating medical knowledge, sharpening skill and acquiring expertise. It has its origin in Charak Samhita and is governed by fifty rules. The tradition was revived by the trust in 2005, when the first Tadvidya seminar was held in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Theme was ‘From Scientific foundation to global vision’. During this seminar a very valuable contribution to Ayurveda in form of a book titled, “Scientific Foundation of Ayurveda” was released at the hands of Smt.Vimaltai Mundada, Health minister of Maharashtra.

Since then this seminar is conducted every year with different themes.

Theme of the second seminar was- ‘Bhasma Kalpana’ Rasayana Kalpana’ ‘Srotodushti and Obesity

Theme of the third seminar was – ‘Scientific Foundation for integrative convergence of Ayurveda and main stream modern medicine

Theme of the fourth seminar was – ‘A key to the modern Global Health Care’.

Theme of the fifth seminar was– ‘Ayurvedic Dietetics and Nutraceuticals in health and disease

Theme of the sixth seminar was – ‘Ayur Nutrition

Theme for the seventh seminar was – ‘Sujat – Yoga, Sangeet, Garbhasanskar Sambhasha’.

Theme for the eighth seminar was – “Diatetics

Theme for the ninth seminar was – “Reinventing Ayurveda

This seminar focused on “Koshta and Hrudroga (Relationship of GI Tract Microflora & Heart Diseases)” Souvenir