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Today, almost seventy percent of the population is struggling with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Not only are they embarrassing and annoying, they are often downright painful. While there is still a lot of information that’s not identified about this gastrointestinal disorder, what we do know is that the ailment can be reduced with the proper diet.

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Now let’s have a look at what kind of changes you can make to your diet for treating IBS:


Avoid cola drinks and alcohol
Beverages are full of air bubbles and tend to add more gas to your digestive system. Avoid carbonated drinks like Beer and Pepsi. Go for natural drinks and juices prepared at home. However, be sure to drink without a straw, since straws often cause people to consume more air, (straws are bad for the environment as well).

Reduce coffee and tea intake
Excessive intake of tea and coffee can irritate the bowels and worsen the condition. Restrict tea and coffee to 2 cups a day. Go for ginger tea instead. Ginger soothes all manner of digestive problems, including IBS.


Drink plenty of water
Try to intake more water at regular intervals. Aim for five to eight glasses a day. Water will keep things moving if you’re coping with constipation and replenish your body if you’re dealing with diarrhoea. Either way, drinking lots of water is worthwhile.


Avoid cruciferous vegetables
Certain vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, coleslaw, cabbage, and sauerkraut cause gas and abnormal bowel habits. Also, limit on green pepper, corn, brussels, beans, lentils, onions, sprouts, shallots, and leeks for a better digestive system.


Include fibre in your diet
Try soothing your system by including fibre in your diet. Examples of foods that contain fiber are nuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, quinoa, split peas, turnips, okra, artichokes, berries, avocados, Asian pears etc. If your signs and symptoms remain the same or worse, inform your dietician or your family doctor.


Say no to sugar
Sugar is an osmotically active compound that attracts water, so if the glucose content is increased by the presence of chocolates, candies, bakery items, sweets, colas etc. then this can lead to irritable bowel and if not handled well, they can lead to severe complications.


Go low on fried foods
Moderation is the key with fried foods. The high fat content is especially hard on the system for IBS patients. This doesn’t imply that you have to give up your favourite fried food items. Instead, consider grilling or baking them for a healthier option.


Be careful with dairy products
If you’re lactose intolerant, try substituting yogurt for milk. Or use an enzyme product to help break down the lactose in the body. Even consuming small amounts of milk products or combining them with other foods can help largely.

In certain cases, you may need to stop eating dairy foods completely. If this is the issue, be sure to get enough calcium and B vitamins and protein, from other sources.


Lastly graze, don’t gorge Slow down; don’t rush through meals. Try eating smaller meals throughout your day. Rather than 2 or 3 meals, try 4 or 5 regularly scheduled small meals. If you feel constipated, make it a habit to have breakfast in the morning, as this is the meal that is most likely to give you a bowel movement and stimulate the colon in the body.

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