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Pentaphyte P-5 Capsule / Syp / Cream

Nature’s stunning power against resistant infection.

Growing incidences of Resistant infections largely due to improper use of antibiotics and a growing number of new antibiotics. Diseases like Psoriasis, Chronic osteomyelitis, and many chronic and resistant infections cannot be treated with modern medicines.

  • Albizzia Lebec: Anthroquinolones disrupt the cell wall, and phytosterols aid the immune apparatus to successfully combat infection.
  • Ficus species have high tannin content and thus possess powerful anti-oxidant effects. Saponins inhibit the process of sensitization.
  • It helps in debriding of inflammatory debris, the formation of healthy granulation tissue, and healing.
  • Anthroquinolone glycoside disrupts the cell wall of the pathogens
  • Saponins Inhibit the process of sensitization
  • Enhances granulation tissue and healing process
  • Phyto steroids aid the immune apparatus
  • Reduces IgE levels
  • Prevents hypersensitivity reactions and allergic manifestations
  • Upper and lower respiratory tract infections
  • Chronic Osteomyelitis.
  • Non- Healing wounds.
  • G.I Tract infections.
  • Skin and soft tissue infections
  • Genito urinary Infection.
  • 1 capsule Q.D.S in acute infections.
  • 1 capsule T.D.S for 3- 6 months in chronic infections.
  • 1t.s.p thrice daily in pediatric age groups
  • Cream for local application.
  • Blister strip of 10 capsule
  • Bottle of 60 ml syp
  • Tube of 20 gms.
  • (as per physicians’ advice).
Pentaphyte P-5 capsules: M.R.P: Rs.75/- (inclusive of all taxes)
Pentaphyte P-5 syrup: M.R.P: Rs.55/- (inclusive of all taxes)
Pentaphyte P-5 cream: M.R.P: Rs.70/- (inclusive of all taxes)

Ayush Premium Mark Certification



Vata Chhal — Ficus Bengalensis

AshwathaChhal — Ficus Religiosa

Udumbara Chhal — Ficus Racemosa

Plaksha Chhal — Ficus Lacor

Shirish Chhal — Albhizzia Lebec


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